Sunday, March 25, 2012

"He Was The Governor Of A Bright Blue State! What Do You Expect ?!"

Every time I decide to waste my valuable time on God's green and cooling Earth talking to a Mittiot (A rabid follower of former Taxachusetts governor Mitt Trotsky),  the following intellectually dishonest and lazy argument always comes up, especially when discussing Romneycare(less).

"He was the governor of a bright blue state! What do you expect ?!"

To me, the above statement is just as annoying as hearing a Paultard whine "Ron Paul is the only...." or "Only Dr. Paul....". It's like Wolverine's claws on Glenn Beck's chalkboard. Use of a statement like that shows that person using it is utterly incapable of doing any deep thinking. (Yes, Ann Coulter and Matt Drudge, that means you, too.)

See ladies and gentlemen, being a Conservative is not just talking the talk, it's also, more importantly, about walking the walk. It doesn't do anyone any good to give a speech at CPAC and call yourself "severely Conservative". You have to live it and breathe it everyday. It has to be who you are. The values of Conservatism must guide your every action, from the mundane arguing with liberals to vetoing a piece of legislation like Romneycare(less).

A true Conservative would have vetoed Romneycare(less) without giving it a second thought. A true Conservative wouldn't have given a damn about being re-elected or what the slobs in the arrogant and lazy media thought or said. Principles must come first. In other words, one must do their best Ronald Reagan or Scott Walker imitation at all times, especially if elected to office.

Another reason why the "He was the governor of a bright blue state! What do you expect ?!" statement should make you grind your teeth is the fact that it blatantly admits that Mitt Trotsky is not a fighter. Oh sure, he'll team up with Jew hater Ron Paul and viciously tear into Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum, (The media hates them anyway.) but will he do that to the popular with the media Chairman Obama ? Will he fight if he loses the Senate and the House two years into his term, as many first term Presidents do ? Will he go ahead and repeal Obamacare(less) with Katie Couric interviewing the folks it supposedly helped ?

"He was the governor of a bright blue state! What do you expect ?!"

A Conservative. Nothing else is acceptable.

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