Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Three "S" 's of "American" Lib-ism

The theory of "American" lib-ism can be summed up in three words: socialism, sodomy, and surrender.

No, really, I promise. It's that simple. I dare say it's like stating two and two make four.

Ever since the first progressiveviks slithered out of the primordial soup of failed European political theories, their focus, when they're not high on some drug or another, has been to promote socialism, sodomy, and surrender. Every  program, every speech, and every street agitation ranging from Woodrow Wilson's War Socialism to Chairman Obama's Hopey-Changey crap has had either the redistribution of wealth, the institution of sexual deviancy (particularly homosexuality) as an accepted practice, or surrender of various kinds at its heart.

Now, not every lib mastermind (H/T Mark Levin) did things the same way or had the same emphasis on the above doctrine. The vile Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Dictator Roosevelt had their emphasis on the redistribution wealth and the surrender of individual liberty.Wilson had his War Socialism and FDR enslaved the American people to his social security program. Both jailed and harassed dissenters. Harry Truman allowed the Soviet Union to have eastern Europe. Lyndon Johnson did his redistribution of wealth thing with the Not-So-Great Society. Jew hater Jimmuh Carter surrendered to the Ayatollah Khomeini, the Soviet Union, and anything else he could find. Bill Caligula's focus was on sexual deviancy, but luckily for the rest of us, it was on his own sexual deviancy.

As evil as the above blobs of filth have been, none of them, and I do mean none of them, can hold a candle next to our dog eating Homosexual Agenda Pusher In Chief, Barack Hussein Obama (Mmm, Mmm, Mmm! H/T El Rushbo.) Unlike his lib predecessors, he's able to multitask. Chairman Obama has pushed socialism, sodomy, and surrender all at the same time, while finding plenty of time for golf, schmoozing with Hollyweird celebs, and persecuting Catholics. (There are even reports of Obama doing all three while juggling a hammer, a sickle, and an Occupier's sleeping bag, but those reports remain unsubstantiated. We'll just have to wait for another White House leak to find out.)

Don't believe me ? Think about it: The Stimulus Plan ? Socialism. Obamacareless ? Socialism and the surrender of the individual rights. The unconstitutional attack on Libya ? Socialism. (We the Taxpayers paid for the Muslim Brotherhood's revolt against Qadaffi Duck, whether we liked it or not.) The repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" ? An obvious shout-out to sodomy. We could go on and on with all of Barry's crimes against the Republic, and find that every one of them has its roots in either socialism, sodomy, and surrender.

Needless to say, this makes our Dear Leader the most wretched villain in American history. Yeah, I said it and I'm not taking it back. Chairman Obama has done almost fatal harm to the Republic. His various schemes and plots have brought us to brink of economic, political, and social disaster. The Doomsday Clock is at 11:58:59, to be sure.

There is, however, a way out.

I can write blog after blog along with countless others. Rush Limbaugh can make fun of liberals as much as he wants. Mark Levin can have as many on-air explosions as he wants. (Definitely not shots at El Rushbo or The Great One. They're personal heroes, and there's no way in hell I'm putting myself on their level. They're artists and I'm doodling on my napkin at Denny's.) But in the end, it's preaching to the choir. The leaders of the Republican Party need to step up to the plate for a change and call "American" Lib-ism what it is: a devotion to socialism, sodomy, and surrender. The Weeper of the House, Mitch McConman, and Willard need to stop worrying about being popular with the misery pimps and dead-enders in the arrogant and lazy mainstream media and start fighting the good fight. I know they're terrified of being the subject of a Moron Dowd column in the New York Slimes, but this can't be about them anymore. The vast majority of Americans have had more than enough of self righteous windbags telling them what to think, what to do with their private property, and what to believe. They're looking for leaders who will call a spade a spade, no matter how many times they're demonized as racists, homophobes, water carriers for the so-called rich, extremists, blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda, 2+2=5. The No Longer Silent Majority wants competent leadership for a change because it knows that competent leadership will save the United States of America from the horror of socialism, sodomy, and surrender.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Those Who Live In Eco-Friendly Glasshouses.....

Recently, our dog eating and homosexual agenda pushing president, Barack Hussein Obama, decided to make protecting the jobs of teachers, firemen, and cops his number one goal. Now I know, just as well as you do, that the Constitution says nothing about the federal government hiring teachers, firemen, and cops, but let's play Barry's little game, shall we ? (In other words, we're going to do the Ninth Circus Court of Appeals Shuffle and pretend that the Constitution doesn't exist.)

Ready ? (Oh, and all of you RINO hangers-on in the Romney campaign? You might want to take some notes. This is how you attack a political opponent. All of that "He's a nice guy" Sit-Down-When-They-Pee-GOP-E crap isn't going to win squat, but I digress.) Here we go:

According to those whacky "right wingers" at ABC News, Chairman Obama and the Wookie he's married to reported in their 2011 tax return that they made $789,674 dollars. They paid $162,074 in federal taxes. For those of you keeping score at home, this means the "1%er" Obamas had an effective tax rate of 20.5. (  ) In other words, the Hypocrite In Chief took full advantage of deductions he claims he doesn't need, because without them, Barry would have been in the highest tax bracket (35%) and would have paid $276,386 in federal taxes.

This means that  $114,312 of "Obama money" didn't go into the federal coffers. Gee, I wonder, wouldn't that $114,312 have saved some fireman's job ? Wouldn't it have saved two mid-level teachers' jobs ? Wouldn't that $114,312 saved a police officer's job ? I know Barry doesn't like cops because he likes to call them stupid, as he did with the Cambridge PD, but c'mon! Where's the compassion ? Hey, for that matter, how much birth control could the $114,312 bought for Sandra Fluke and her moral-deficient friends ? How many "free" school lunches could the $114,312 have bought ? How many welfare recipients are being forced to do without because Premier Obama wanted to be a cheapskate ?  Anyone in the arrogant and lazy mainstream media care to take a crack at this question ? How about you, sissies in the Romney campaign ? Wanna give it try ?  No, I'm sorry, I can't hear you over these blasted crickets.

Those who live in eco-friendly glass houses......

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Absolutely Nobama's Favorite Tunes

Here's a collection of my favorite tunes. Why ? Who cares ?! Sit back and enjoy!

"Scream" by Black Flag

"Fight The Power" by Public Enemy

"Checkmate" by Cypress Hill

"Pumpkin Head" by The Misfits

"Holiday In Cambodia" by The Dead Kennedys

"California Uber Alles" by the Dead Kennedys

"Helter Skelter" by Meatbeat Manifesto

"Faith Collapsing" by Ministry

"Join In The Chant" by Nitzer Ebb

"Hey Man, Nice Shot" by Filter

"Life" By Flipper

"Cheap Tragedies" by the Avengers

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Individual Finally Wins

Scott Walker's win in Wisconsin was magnificent for many reasons. Big Labor was given a fatal blow. Our homosexual agenda pushing president was handed another stinging rebuke. The Sit-Down-When-They-Pee-GOP-E saw that sticking to Conservative values can lead to landslide victories, even in the birthplace of the Progressivik Movement. If I wasn't so darn manly, I'd say I got a thrill up my leg. (Or is that diabetic neuropathy ? Maybe the death panels will let me find out if they deem me worthy of life, but I digress.)

Most of important of all, the individual won.

You see ladies and gentlemen, the true message of the Wisconsin Massacre was this: Get your damn hands out of my pockets, already. This vote proves that people have had enough of funding other people's lavish health care and retirements. This vote proves people have had enough of being called selfish because they want to keep more of the money they earned. This is a good thing. This proves that the reports of the death of Rugged Individualism have been greatly exaggerated.

We are winning, folks. The Dorky Left can have all the commie rallies they want. They can trash as many state capitols as they want. They can "Occupy" whatever they want. They can wander around chanting "Hope and Change" like malfunctioning automatons as much as they want. But when push comes to shove, America is a center-right country, much to to the chagrin of our Leftist Oppressors.

Now this doesn't mean we can sit on our laurels. Far fom it. We the People must still actively fight They the Progressiviks. Every time the Raised Fist of Socialism appears, we have to beat it down. (Politically, of course.) Granted, it can be as frustrating as a game of Whackamole, but it can and must be done. Once freedom is lost, it's gone forever. Yes, this is a victory we should cherish, but we should always remember that we're on the edge of complete political, economic, and social disaster as a nation. This is a battle that must be fought, but as we can see, it's clearly winnable.

All we need is a few good individualists.