Thursday, September 15, 2011

Self Evident Truths

I'd like to begin this column by stating some facts. Facts can be stubborn. Facts can be stupid. Facts can also truths, and the truths I would like to discuss are....self evident.
  • Chairman Obama's Three Ring Circus of Destruction is the most scandal-ridden administration in American history. The ethical lapses are almost countless, ranging from Certifigate, the Romanoff and Sestak bribes, the Department of Justice (which has become an Orwellian parody) dismissing the voting intimidation charges against the New Black Panther Party, Stimulus funds being used to arm Mexican drug lords in the Operation Fast and Furious fiasco, and now the Solyndra mess that has cost tax payers over 553 million dollars. (If I've forgotten your favorite Obama scandal, please accept my apologies. I can't keep them straight anymore.
  • The US Census Bureau has just revealed that over 46 million Americans are now living in poverty.
  • Despite spending a trillion dollars on the ill conceived Stimulus plan (which was written by the $oros funded Apollo Alliance), unemployment stands at 9.1%. (If you throw in those who no longer qualify for unemployment insurance and the underemployed, unemployment is actually at 20%.)
  • War Criminal Obama has involved the United States in the Libyan Civil War without CONgressional approval, helping the Muslim Brotherhood take over an oil rich nation.
  • $oros Puppet Obama has ties to socialists (Carol Browner), communists (the dearly departed Van Jones), and terrorists (Bill Ayers and Rashid Khalidi.)
It's not a stretch of the imagination to say that many of the above outrages are impeachable offenses. It's not exactly bending the truth to say the outrages catalogued above violate our Dear Leader's Oath of Office. It's certainly permissable to say that the above outrages are proof that the United States is sliding into the Third World, head first.

All of these facts are common knowledge. I didn't get them from Wikileaks. I didn't use "unnamed sources". I don't have a mole in the White House. All of the above named outrages can be found with a simple Google search. (Even an Obama Drone can find them with some adult supervision and a "government" grant.) Like I stated earlier these are truths....and they are self evident. (I know I've read that term somewhere. Curse my public education! Where in the heck is that from ?)

Not everyone thinks these truths are....self evident. There's former Enron shill and New York Slimes hack Paul Krugman. There's Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz, commissar of the hated Democrat Party.
There's Keith Olbermann, formerly of PMSNBC, now appearing on the LGBTTV Network. And....

There's the Weeper of the House, "Republican" John Boehner.

From the Weeper's own taxpayer- funded website:


"Some of the president’s proposals offer opportunities for common ground." (Referring to, as Mark Levin calls it, the "Save Obama's Job Bill".)


Here's a few trillion dollar deficit questions: Why ? Why on God's green and cooling Earth would anyone want to associate themselves with this rogue President and the fascist regime he's built ? How could anyone who calls himself a Republican want to compromise with the author of the chaos I described above ?

Here's a truth that needs to become real evident, real fast for the Weeper: We the People don't want to compromise with Chairman Obama at all. It's not that We the People haven't said it with the elections of Bob McDonnell and Chris Christie. We the People weren't whispering when we helped Scott Brown take back the so-called "People's Seat" in Massachusetts. We The People sure as hell wasn't kidding when we, not the Weeper and his Establishment Republican cronies, engineered the Midterm Massacre of 2010. (I'm still allowed to say that, right ?) We the People showed we're still plenty PO'ed when we made sure that "Bulldog" Bob Turner won Anthony Weiner's old seat in the New York Collective despite the fact that the district was infested with liberals. (I realize that Turner has no such nickname, but doesn't it seem to fit this guy ?)

The point is this: We Conservatives must take back our party. We must reclaim our local Republican Parties. We must find qualified candidates to run on our state and local tickets.We must drive the frauds like the Weeper out of the Republican Party once and for all. These are truths that we Conservatives MUST hold self evident.....

God help us all.

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