Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Hypocritical Left And Its Dirty Little Secret

Recently, the Washington Compost's Dana Milbank had this to say in one of his nonsensical columns:


"I should add that I am in no danger of being caught in the net of President Obama’s proposed millionaires’ tax. I pay the accountants a few thousand dollars, and they make sure I am not paying more in taxes than I should be. (Note to the IRS: They do this in ways that are conservative, entirely above-board and so innocuous that they should not attract your interest in the slightest.)"


Well, I guess Dana wants to see old people eating cat food with no health care. I guess he doesn't want to pay just a tad extra so a little black kid can go to a dilapidated inner city public school. It wouldn't be unreasonable to say that Dana Milbank doesn't want to share his slice of the pie. Dana Milbank must be one of those racist, homophobic, Islamo-Naziphobic, selfish Tea Partiers, right ? I'll bet he's a climate change "denier", too. What a selfish pig of a man. realize that Dana Milbank is a leftist columnist with the Washington Compost, right ?

Oops. My bad.

The above quote is an excellent example of the lib motto of "Socialism for thee, but by Mother Earth, never for me".  It underscores the hypocrisy of modern liberalism, which has devolved into "lib-ism", or socialism for the proles, but never for the actual socialist. It also shows the true dark side of the Progressivevik movement.

See, the dirtly little secret is this: Libs like Dana Milbank, former Enron shill Paul Krugman, Thomas Mao Tse Friedman, Moron Dowd, and Chris "I'll Have Another Drink" Matthews (H/T Mark Levin), to name a few, don't actually care about the "poor" or the "disenfrachised". (Unless the "poor" and "disenfranchised" happen to work for them as nannies or landscapers, of course.) If they did, they would never take a tax deduction and make sure their taxes are paid on time. (Unlike Warren Buffet who still owes the IRS over a $1 billion in back taxes since 2002. Don't even get me started on Tim Geithner, slum lord Charlie Rangel, or Captain America John Kerry. I just ate.) You would think with all that compassion that the Hyporitical Left claims to have, you'd think that they would be pulling their hammies running to the mailbox every April 15th to send their checks off to the Federal Leviathan.

We've never seen that happen, have we ?

The bottom line is this: Lib-ism is a failed ideology. Even the diehards like Selfish Dana know this. Libs like Selfish Dana know that the Federal Leviathan isn't good at much of anything. That's why they refuse to send their money to it. They know deep down inside that the Bloated Beast will never solve any problem. It will only make the problem worse. The'll never admit it of course, since being a professional lib Democrat is a lucrative job, but they all know it deep down. The only reason they keep championing lunacy like "green jobs", Obamacareless, and the rest of the Left's cockamamie ideas is they're paid handsomely to do so. And they ain't sharing.

Now of course, I don't begrudge Selfish Dana his money. He earned it, despite being a subpar writer. I don't begrudge Warren Buffet his money, and I don't begrudge John Kerry his wife's inheritance. It's none of my business what they do with their money. I do, however, mind when they can't pay me the same respect. I do mind when I'm told I can pay just a little extra when they want to pay next to nothing, or in Turbo Tax Timmy Geithner's case, nothing. I'm sick and damn tired of being told that I'm selfish for not wanting to pay for some bureaucrat's pension or a road in Hati that I'll never use. I'm sick and damn tired of being called selfish for doing the same things that these fingersniffers do.

Hypocrisy, thy name is lib-ism.....

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