Monday, May 7, 2012

Joe Biden: Stupid Is As Stupid Says

Recently, Chairman Obama's court jester, Joe Bite Me had this to say on one of the Sunday Snooze Shows:


"I think the Republican Party's been taken over by the Tea Party...This is the tail wagging the dog." —Vice President Joe Biden (5/6/2012)


Now of course, this verbal lunacy was overshadowed by our supposedly Catholic vice president's cheer leading for homosexual marriage. (And rightfully so, since homosexual marriage is as evil as it gets.) However, this statement deserves examining as well, since it shows that Bite Me is lacks the mental capacity of a paramecium.

First of all, the statement shows that Bite Me has no idea exactly what the Tea Party is. The Tea Party isn't just filled with Conservatives. Many libertarians are also Tea Party members. Many Tea Party members are independents. Some hate the GOP with a passion, some are diehard Republicans. Some are even Democrats and who refuse to jump into Lake Commie with Chairman Obama. (More on that in a second.)

Secondly, the statement is wildly untrue. If Bite Me was correct, odds are Mitt Romney wouldn't be the Republican candidate. Someone like Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, or Allen West would be. This isn't a shot at Romney, this is reality. Romney simply doesn't fit the mold of what the Tea Party was looking for as a replacement for the evil Chairman Obama.

Most importantly, the above statement shows how blind (and or complicit) Bite Me has become to the Progressivivik rot that has destroyed the Democrat Party. Would Harry Truman or JFK fit into today's Democrat Party ? No way in hell. Granted, I dislike both Truman and JFK intensely, but I can't see either one of them publicly cheering for Occupy Wall Street or calling America "arrogant and dismissive" in a speech on foreign soil like Chairman Obama has. (I can, however, see them doing both in a private setting. Both Truman and JFK were collectivists at heart and it does us no good to think otherwise.) Truman and JFK may have been lousy presidents, but I just don't see them publicly embracing the anti-Americanism that has taken root in the Democrat Party the way Bite Me and Chairman Obama have.

We are on the edge of complete political, social, and economic disaster. I can't gussy it up and I can't make it sound palatable.

God help us all.

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