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No One Watched The Watchmen, So One Returned

Hey there, True Believer! It's Short Story Fiction time here at DemocracyKorpse! Take a break from looking for black helicopters and enjoy this short story inspired by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' Watchmen. If you haven't read it, make it a point to do so. It's a life changer, and if you're a Right Wing Extremist like me, it'll be right up there on your list of favorites along with Atlas Shrugged and 1984. Keep in mind that this is fiction, so there's no need to report me to DHS.


January 20th, 1998

In the end, the release of Rorschach's journal by the New Frontiersman didn't mean a fucking thing. Not one fucking thing. Even the threat of invasion by little green men, real or imagined, wasn't going to stop man from hating his fellow man. It was as if "Love thy neighbor" was replaced by "Denounce your neighbor before he denounces you."

Two days after the journal was printed by the New Frontiersman, an angry mob stormed the place, killing everyone in the place while the NYPD looked on and did nothing. The mob apparently thought the paper was some sort of Pierre Laval-like traitorous operation working with the "aliens". Forty people died that day and no one gave a fuck. The unity of mankind was all that mattered. We were at war with a power that even Dr. Manhattan couldn't have stopped, or so we were led to believe. There was no room for "traitors" under these circumstances. This was the first sign of trouble, but it's minor compared to the rest.

The real trouble began when trillionaire Adrian Veidt defeated Republican Ronald Reagan in '88 by the largest landslide in American history. Veidt managed to win every state in the Union and every electoral vote as well. During his victory speech, Veidt renamed the Democratic Party the Unity Party. In the months that followed, the few remaining Republicans in Congress switched to the new Unity Party, giving Veidt dictatorial power over the government. Even former president Richard Nixon and his favorite crony, Pat Buchanan, lent their support to the growing fascism. In fact, Buchanan was quoted as saying, "This is the dawn of a new America and the dawn of a new world. God help anyone who gets in its way."

By the end of Veidt's first year as president, he and his lapdogs in Congress effectively gutted the First Amendment. In 1989, the First Amendment was rewritten by amendment to make criticism of the government or creating dissent a crime. Given our "vulnerability" to another attack by "aliens", the prostitutes in the press helped Veidt sell this load of commie faggot crap to the American people. Within the blink of an eye, neighbors were turning in neighbors to the fascists at the Unity Commission. Made a racist joke ? Off to the Commission you went. Gave that asshole who cut you off the finger ? Better hope he didn't write down your plate number or some cop didn't see it. Seen making the Sign of the Cross in public ? Uh-oh. That's not allowed, either. Religion creates dissent and is therefore banned. Remember, it's all about unity, whether you like it or not. Oh, you're not a member of the Unity Party ? Fuck you, there are no other parties. They were banned by Veidt's Amendment.

By the time 1992 rolled around, the Constitution was pretty much gone. Congress was renamed the "Council" and its 535 members were replaced by a board of ten experts, some from academia, some from the scientific community, and some from industry. We weren't given their names, and quite frankly, no one had the balls to ask who they were. Journalism was replaced by the daily propaganda vomited from the Committee of Public Information. In late 1993, Herr Veidt decided that child rearing was too big of a job for the unwashed masses. Thus, he and his Council decided that all children under the age of six would be raised by the state. Possession of a firearm became punishable by death, as was possession of unauthorized literature, like the Bible.

The funny thing about the above is the fact that that Veidt stopped using the "unity against the alien invasion" excuse for his various crimes against humanity and decency. In fact, after '93, it was never mentioned again by the government. It had outlived its usefulness. The public forgot about it as well. The simple task of living left little time for worrying about an invasion by little green men. The famine and outbreaks of typhus in 1994 saw to that. (Interesting note: It is now illegal to own a telescope or even discuss the "alien invasion".)

To combat the growing famine and pandemic outbreaks, Veidt decided that it was in the best interest of the Unity States to reduce its population. Thus, he sold California to Red China in '95. He also ordered that any child born in the Unity States of America had to be free of any genetic defect. All pregnant women were given constant tests to make sure their baby was worthy of birth. If there was even a slight hint of trouble, the baby was aborted, as were twins. Any children with any form of defect were euthanized in the government's child rearing institutions. The elderly and the infirm were also rounded up by Veidt's stormtroopers and were summarily euthanized. By 1996, it was a rare event to see anyone over the age of sixty or anyone in a wheelchair. It got to the point that people were afraid to go to a doctor, for fear of what he might find. As a result, the typhus outbreak got worse. It has been estimated by the Committee of Public Information that six million have died from typhus, but no one keeps count of how many were given "mercy killings" Veidt and the rest of his commie faggots are responsible for.

As I prepare for my new life with my new face, I promise to find out that number and make it known. Sure, there's a good chance I'll be caught and executed. There's a good chance that I'll fail completely. I understand that. Like my predecessor, I have no illusions about the inhumanity of man. That's okay. It's shitloads better to die a free man than to die as a slave.

I am Rorschach reborn.

(c) 2012 DC Comics

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