Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Individual Finally Wins

Scott Walker's win in Wisconsin was magnificent for many reasons. Big Labor was given a fatal blow. Our homosexual agenda pushing president was handed another stinging rebuke. The Sit-Down-When-They-Pee-GOP-E saw that sticking to Conservative values can lead to landslide victories, even in the birthplace of the Progressivik Movement. If I wasn't so darn manly, I'd say I got a thrill up my leg. (Or is that diabetic neuropathy ? Maybe the death panels will let me find out if they deem me worthy of life, but I digress.)

Most of important of all, the individual won.

You see ladies and gentlemen, the true message of the Wisconsin Massacre was this: Get your damn hands out of my pockets, already. This vote proves that people have had enough of funding other people's lavish health care and retirements. This vote proves people have had enough of being called selfish because they want to keep more of the money they earned. This is a good thing. This proves that the reports of the death of Rugged Individualism have been greatly exaggerated.

We are winning, folks. The Dorky Left can have all the commie rallies they want. They can trash as many state capitols as they want. They can "Occupy" whatever they want. They can wander around chanting "Hope and Change" like malfunctioning automatons as much as they want. But when push comes to shove, America is a center-right country, much to to the chagrin of our Leftist Oppressors.

Now this doesn't mean we can sit on our laurels. Far fom it. We the People must still actively fight They the Progressiviks. Every time the Raised Fist of Socialism appears, we have to beat it down. (Politically, of course.) Granted, it can be as frustrating as a game of Whackamole, but it can and must be done. Once freedom is lost, it's gone forever. Yes, this is a victory we should cherish, but we should always remember that we're on the edge of complete political, economic, and social disaster as a nation. This is a battle that must be fought, but as we can see, it's clearly winnable.

All we need is a few good individualists.

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