Saturday, August 4, 2012

You...You...Right-Wing Hate Monger, You!

"You....You...Right-Wing Hate Monger, You! Why don't you and your Klan buddies go iron your sheets! The only reason why you and your Nazi friends in the Tea Party hate Obama so much is because he's black!"

If you don't hear this crap at least once a day as a Conservative, you're simply not fighting the good fight. Like all real Conservatives, if I got a dollar every time I was called a racist for believing in limited Constitutional  government, I'd be a millionaire with a Swiss bank account, sort of like DNC Chairthing Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. Sadly, the rules don't work that way, and being called a wascally wacist is one of the many indignities I'm forced to endure every day, just like most of you out there.

Now, I could recount the racist beginnings of the Progressive Bowel Movement to disprove the above nonsense. I could bore the socks off of you talking about how Margaret Sanger envisioned family planning (AKA--The Pro Death Movement) as a way of exterminating blacks. Heck, for that matter, we could talk about Woodrow Wilson segregating the military as well. For those who like their racism more recent, we could talk about Bull Connor and Orval Faubus, two proud segregationists and two proud members of the Democrat Party. Uh-oh! I'm not bringing enough diversity to my roll call of leftist racism, so if I know what's good for me, I better not forget to mention Jesse "Hymietown" Jackson or Al "Crown Heights" Sharpton. If we really wanted to get controversial, we could even discuss Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela singing "Kill the Farmer, Shoot the Boer". (No, I didn't forget our dog-eating, homosexual agenda pushing Dear Leader Barack Hussein Obama. Why must everything be about that asshole, anyway ?)

I could do all of those things, but I don't feel like writing a book report about Jonah Goldberg's Liberal Fascism or Ann Coulter's Demonic. They're great books and among my all time favorites, but I thought for this column, we'd go in a different direction. Let's see, oh, I don't know, what Tom Metzger, director of the White Aryan Resistance thinks about the Conservative Movement, Conservatives, and the Right in general.

And awaaaaaaaaay we go, from a 2005 interview on

(Emphasis will be added where appropriate. Snarky comments will be in brackets [ ].)


"Interviewer: Let's get it straight. Is White Aryan Resistance a right wing organization? Do you identify yourself with the right wing movement?

Metzger: No, I do not identify with the right wing. I was a right winger into the 70's but I left the right in late 70's. The right is so reactionary it goes nowhere....."

"Interviewer: [T]hey mislead their followers" you said. What do you mean by 'misleading'? Convincing the members of their organizations that two plus two equals five?

Metzger: They do the same old failed things over and over never winning anything. They waste time with uniforms and flags and rallies. I promote revolution against the Capitalists and the Social Marxists." [Talk about doublethink! What a maroon!]

"Interviewer: There was once a group named "Knights of Freedom" whose leader was Decker and his original name is Greenbaum. As far as I can see his group [of] hard core NEO Nazis does not exist, but I would like to ask you why the Jews join our movement? Were there other Jews who joined to movement beside Knights of Freedom?

Metzger: That's not strange at all. The Jews tried to join Hitler. One was even in the first few that joined. The reason the Jews hate Nazis is primarily because they didn't come up with the idea first. The group you mentioned was just another Hollywood Nazi style group. There are dozens of them in this country. Uniform freaks, malcontents, father fetishes and even homosexuals. They don't even know that National socialism was a leftist idea. Here they sound like National capitalists. They love To dress up and march around while the police save them every time. They never think of clever ways to beat their opposition in the shadows. They always stand up and say HIT ME!! It's so embarrassing. When I did it in the 70's and 80's we crushed the communist [More doublethink!] race mixers. We beat them bloody and were never arrested or saved by police. In almost all cases now the police are as much an enemy as the others."


 Yeah, I feel like taking a shower, too.

I know that earlier in this column that I didn't want to talk about our dog-eating, homosexual agenda-pushing, Catholic persecuting, Jew-hater in Chief Barack Hussein Obama, but he's a hard guy to ignore, especially since he's destroying the Free World. Once again, here's Tom Metzger, giving his opinion on the First Foreign Born President:


"The corporations are running things now, so it’s not going to make much difference who's in there, but McCain would be much worse. He’s a warmonger. He’s a scary, scary person--more dangerous than Bush. Obama, according to his book, Dreams Of My Father, is a racist and I have no problem with black racists. I’ve got the quote right here: 'I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother’s white race.' The problem with Obama is he’s being dishonest about his racial views. I’d respect him if he’d just come out and say, 'Yeah, I’m a black racist.' I don’t hate black people. I just think it’s in the best interest of the races to be separated as much as possible. See, I’m a leftist. I’m not a rightist. I hate the transnational corporations far more than any black person." 



Now, I know as well as you do that writing this article is kinda like farting in a hurricane. It really isn't going to matter in the grand scheme of things. The Ignorant Left will always believe that 2+2=5 no matter how much evidence to contrary is presented to them. However, for those of us who know 2+2=4, it's further proof that the Right is, well, right.


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