Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Yoo-Hoo! ADL ? Jewish Funds For Justice ? Care To Look Into This ?

From the "Occupy Wall Street" protests:




All three of the above videos were easy to find. All that was required was a simple search on Youtube. I dare say even the drunken Chris Matthews could have done it all by his lonesome. All three of these are clear cut examples that the "Occupy Wall Street" are as antisemitic as a Ron Paul rally.

Yet, we hear nothing from the ADL and the Jewish Funds For Justice.

It's funny how the ADL and the $oros-funded Jewish Funds For Justice will let this crap slide and yet will issue a fatwah against Conseratives they don't like. Abe Foxman, you verbally slapped Sarah Palin on the hand for daring to use the word blood libel accurately after she was blamed by the 2+2=5 Left for the Giffords shooting in Arizona. Where's ADL, Abie-Baby ? Tell me, schmuck, does the ADL stand for "All Democrats League" ? How about you, Simon Greer ? Your Jewish Funds for Justice got 400 pseudo-rabbis to sign a letter to Rupert Murdoch demanding Glenn Beck's head for exposing Nazi collaborator George $oros' plots and schemes. Where's your outrage ? Doesn't $oros pay you enough blood money to be outraged by this nonsense ?

 These kapos don't care about defending Judaism or rank and file Jews like me! They only care about defending leftism. These traitors only care about serving their Progressivik Pharoahs that would have every Jew building eco-friendly pyramids. These are the same Jews who would have cheered when Christians were fed to the lions in the Roman Empire. These are the same Jews that would have volunteered to become Jewish Police in the Warsaw Ghetto. These are also the same Jews who would have vounteered for sonderkommando duty in Hitler's concentration camps to save their own worthless hides.

Who am I kidding ? The Pseudo-Jews at the All-Democrat League and the $oros-funded Jewish Funds for Justice still haven't called out Chairman Obama for appearing with the antisemitic New Black Panther Party at a rally in 2007. (Photos from



Ball's in your court, Abie-Baby. I'm throwing it down, Simon. Are you picking it up ?

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