Tuesday, October 11, 2011


When I get ready to write this column, I have a little ritual. The first thing I do is play UFC Champion Dan Severn's theme when he was a pro wrestler with the WWF. (I'll call it whatever I want, treehuggers.) Next, I spend about 20 seconds spinning my dreidel on one of Ron Paul's books. Then I'll pace the floor for about 20-30 seconds. Finally, after I convince my wife Jenny not to Baker Act me, I say these these magic words before I begin writing:


See folks, I don't write about the proper care of manatees in captivity because I have don't have the slightest clue what it entails. I don't make blistering comments about the floral industry, since the only facts I know about it is Jenny has been a florist her entire adult life and her favorite flower is a gerbera daisy. I stick to what I know: Chairman Obama is a fascist pig who must be defeated in 2012, Liberals and RINOs are beyond contempt, Ron Paul is a McGovernite fraud, the federal government is a rogue entity unto itself, and George $oros is the most dangerous man in the world. (And a Nazi collaborator, but I digress.)

Someone, really, really needs to teach this valuable trick to Mike Lupica of the NY Daily Snooze.

When Keith Olbermann's Apprentice is not witing about sports (which he does very poorly. He's one of those lunkheads who will waste thousands of words explaining the social implications of the two-point conversion in the NFL. Lupica is the type of sportswriter that has made Sports Illustrated unreadable), he moonlights as a liberal hack.

From his column in the 10/10/11 NY Daily Snooze:


"Here is a phony named Eric Cantor, the House majority leader, a dull young congressman clearly aspiring to be an even duller presidential candidate someday, calling the Occupy Wall Street people a 'mob.'

Oh, sure. Cantor makes it sound as if he can't get a good night's sleep these days worrying about the 'growing mobs occupying Wall Street and other cities across our country.' He then goes on to say that 'some in [Washington] have condoned pitting Americans against Americans.'

So in Cantor's world the Tea Party is an exciting grass-roots movement and Occupy Wall Street is a bunch of seditionists. Here is what he really means when he worries about Americans being pitted against other Americans:

People who don't think like him being a clear and present danger to people who do."



As we can see, Lupica is out of his depth. Lupica didn't write that out of sheer Progressivik venom, like say, a Markos Moulitsas or Ed "The Red" Schultz. (If he did, he would have tried to justify the psychotic behavior.) He wrote that slop out of sheer ignorance. A quick Google seach would have shown thousands upon thousands of articles about how the Occupy Wall Street barbarians are, in fact, a mob. There's countless images of the reject who took a dump on a cop car. There are countless images of the filth that the OWS crowd is leaving behind. There are thousands of hours of video showing the OWS mob chanting antsemitic slurs. (It's as if Ann Coulter's book, Demonic, came to life.) I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Mike Lupica has nothing in common with these protesters. He has no idea what's motivating them. He's Ray Barone and the OWS demolition derby is Che Guevara on a bad acid trip.

Mikey, do yourself a favor. Go back to writing about how Mickey Mantle didn't deserve his transplanted liver and be the lone vote against Brett Farve entering the NFL Hall of Fame. Go cry about the designated hitter and violence in the NHL. Above all, Mikey---


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